An the adventure begins

We left Indy for Chicago…..but didn’t make it! First the plane was delayed to bad weather then it hit birds and suffered damage. The young man at the counter after more than an hours effort put us on a plane to DC with no boarding passes or tickets! The thought being that we had a better chance from Dulles than Indy. He went out of the box (with my support) but we left the United booking system apparently.

I texted one of my staff who quickly contacted Karen the travel agent. They worked diligently (even though it was Karen’s day off) while we were in the air to find us an itinerary to get us back to Zurich to get to Nairobi but the Zurich part was impossible. We opted for Amsterdam! Hey no worries…we are flexible!

The agent at the counter at Dulles was less than pleased we had no boarding passes. After far more than an another hour of discussion (thank you Lord for delayed food service for the plane – apparently the right food went to Paris!) the ticket agent, supervisor and my travel agent all agreed that we were cleared to go to Amsterdam and fly to Nairobi on KLM. Yahoo!

For some reason they could only print my ticket at United but assured me the rest would be waiting upon our arrival. They we overly optimistic!

The United people in Amsterdam said they were now out of the loop and we were to head to KLM. KLM promptly pointed out I had a seat to Nairobi and the others should be fine but they weren’t. After another hour of discussion we were informed that United had messed up and KLM could do nothing. The agent at KLM jested that we could be here for a week. That wasn’t acceptable! Still not sure who really created the problem.

Back to the Untied booth with a new face. A nice lady with a huge smile. Mike and i kept our smiles on too. We told her the problem and she said she could fix it. Thus far she has! We are in Istanbul and leaving for Nairobi in a couple hours. The flight on Turkish Air was great. The airport nice but the currency a little different! We still have our longest flight left apparently. Istanbul to Nairobi.

I think we will make Nairobi but our bags never made it to Amsterdam. Please pray for them and for us to arrive safely, smiling and ready to do Kingdom work. On a side note, after we go through the check in to leave Amsterdam, we did indeed meet a missionary from Mexico who had been stuck in Amsterdam for an entire week! Honestly, rerouting seven passengers several times is a feet only accomplish by a very powerful force. Again Jesus, we thank you!.

(written at 6 pm Istanbul time. Who knows when it will load)

One thought on “An the adventure begins

  1. Wow! What a story! That is one series of flights you will never forget! I am sure that is the first of many incredulous adventures for you guys. I am printing these off….. hope you can keep them coming. Love to all of you. Mom

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