Church, comfy couches and extraordinary compassion

Day one was filled with slap happy missionaries playing with babies and walking through the local “neighborhood.” I felt no fear though I suppose I should have as we were warned to be on the look out. What I saw were very big eyes, all friendly blurting out their first American verse: “How are you?”

Truly most of the Kenyans speak some English if not fluent. Reminds me what Zig Ziglar pointed out: What do you call a person who can speak one language – trilingual; somebody who can speak two languages – bilingual; one language – American! I don’t mean it disrespectfully but it points out to how most of our lives we live in our comfort zone. I have been in more than 20 countries and can barely speak a few verses of anything other than Hoosier. I am not very adaptive and in part because I don’t have to be.

The church visit was interesting. First time I entered via security! The head of the US embassy attends that church and covers security. The embassy was leveled in 1998 and they still take security seriously. The sermon reminded me of foundation and how we can so easily loose perspective and get caught in the minutia. I will work more on that later.

Needless to say, we have many pictures to share, stories to relay and hopefully I can tell you what those big eyes are trying to say.

Andy Stanley talks of comfy couches and things we merely except as parts of our lives because they have been around so long. It appears to me much of the differences between the place I live and the place I am visiting rests in the acceptance of situation. How easily I could improve theirs – not the work but the situation. Interestingly enough I am sure they could do the same for me. “Worry about the plank in my own eye” seems applicable.

Be well my friends. More on greenhouse efforts tomorrow.

One thought on “Church, comfy couches and extraordinary compassion

  1. Nice to hear from you, Joe. I have always liked that saying of “three languages,-trilingual., etc” because it is so true, and I am a living example of it, just like you. Take care of all my peeps and be safe!!!!! Love, Mom

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