Big results – teaching to fish

Mission trips consist of many different attributes. Most who come to a country want to see the devastation, starvation and challenges that we can only imagine from home. These are the more common trips and change people’s hearts forever.

Other trips are designed to provide confidence for those who financially support the ministry efforts. We want to help ease the pain today but most importantly we want huge impact long term. Positive return on equity knowing that resources are limited is a fiduciary obligation and that is being met here.

This has been a trip of both but mostly the later. Sadly part of the tip feels sterilized because of changing political climates. The last month the violence has really picked up and fraud has become exposed. I am proud to say we have been able to see some long term results that truly matter.

The situation is tough especially for water. Assuming the spotty Internet works you should be seeing men at a water bore hole filling tanks of water most of us wouldn’t consider bathing in.


We have also seen huge success. Both in the form of an orphanage of what would otherwise be starving children. We have also seen a greenhouse in action, planted a new one and built one from the ground up!

I can’t wait for you to see the pictures. I feel very safe, I am enjoying the team and the children and I am ready to face Kilimanjaro.

Talk to you again soon I hope and pray.

Big Joe

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